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UVA's new tacky column and weird plastic structure??


University of Virginia


UVA's new tacky column and weird plastic structure??

Can we just take a moment please?

Katie Mansoor


OK. As you might already know, UVA celebrated its 200th birthday recently. It’s kind of a big deal—200 years! Naturally we went all out for the bicentennial celebration. The event featured Katie Couric, Leslie Odom Jr., Terry McAuliffe, The Goo Goo dolls. Even Tina Fey and Malcolm Brogdon sent in special video messages. Then, the fucking Rotunda caught on fire! (courtesy of video projection) Anyways, the bottom line is that a lot of thought and time and money went into these bicentennial festivities. So, I guess that just leaves us all wondering, what the ACTUAL HelL Is WiTH the PLastiC JunGLE GyM on SOUth lawN ANd ThE incrEdiBly TaCKy cOLumN iN FrOnt Of thE ROtuNDa?!?!

Alrighty, so it all began a few weeks ago when a few people carrying plastic tubes and zip-ties trudged on down to South Lawn. During the early stages, I mistook them for misguided boy scouts pitching tents. Even during the later stages of the building process, I still mistook them for misguided boy scouts but misguided boy scouts who were taking a new, modern approach to outdoor living. I was wrong, it seems, because it looks like that thing is here to stay.

Christmas came early this year, folks, because thanks to that new column out in front of our university, the rotunda looks like your over-zealous, tasteless neighbor's house during the holiday season. We still love you, UVA, but c'mon.