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The day the Roots line stood still

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University of Virginia


The day the Roots line stood still

If you give a college kid a one dollar salad... well, just make sure your app works.

Jordan Simpson


Last Thursday, Roots, the jewel of the Corner offered us a deal we would all fight tooth and nail to receive: one dollar bowls! It all sounded way too good to be true: a cheap meal brimming with healthy stuff to make us feel better about our terrible college diets, online ordering: the busy man (and lazy man's) dream, and best of all getting to skip the miserable line that is always out the door.

Roots had this whole plan figured out (or so they thought.) Open online ordering up for only a few hours on Thursday to see how well the process works, the caveat being that the number of orders allowed per time slot must be limited to four. Well, Christmas came early and Roots got way more than they bargained for!

Some of us determined as heck placed our orders at 12:01am, we made sure our every group chat we belonged to was informed, some of us even bought bowls for our friends because the one common thread binding all of us broke students together is our affinity and sometimes desperation for cheap eats.

Come Thursday afternoon we all made our way over to the Corner, little did we know we were all literally heading into the abyss: a line stretching all the way back to Juice Laundry. Some of us refusing to deal with a line full of a generous percentage of the student body said "f*ck it" and sacrificed our dollar and ten cents. Others, willing to put up a more valiant effort, or who didn't have class, or who were adamant on getting their money's worth decided to stay in line. Occasionally you'd see the few passerby's who got their salads, the one piece of hope we could cling on to. Eventually, that hope turned into just wanting a free bowl coupon, but those ran out pretty quickly too.

Disappointment has a way of clearing out crowds and Roots dude did a heck of a job catalyzing a max exodus of sorts. The man in the grey, the crusher of our Thursday afternoon lunch dreams came out letting us know we probably weren't going to get anything, went on to explain the mess that was the Roots app failure of 2018, and asked us all to email him our receipts with the promise of him, "seeing what he could do."

Some souls were crushed, and some stomachs had to settle on Newc salads instead, but not all hope was lost. Earlier this week, Roots sent out an email saying that bowls could be claimed anytime this week. So, I guess the world is once again at peace and the pocket change we scraped up has gotten the justice it deserves.

Roots, we still love you, we'll still love you, and we'll still enjoy the hell out of our salads, but if you give a college kid a one dollar salad... well, just make sure your app works.