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Your night out as told by naked mural people of Clark



University of Virginia


Your night out as told by naked mural people of Clark

Katie Mansoor


Night out in Ancient Greece? Night out at UVA? Not much has changed in the past 2800 years TBH.

^When all these thots are wearing tank tops in February, but you brought your parka and don't know what to do with it.^

^When your friends told you not to be a dance floor hoebag, but you have other ideas.^

^When you're left unattended for too long and accidentally get to thinking about all of the past mistakes you've ever made.^

^When your drunk friend, who's a runner, tries to run away for the eleventh time.^

^When "Mr. Brightside" comes on.^

^When scheme-y first years won't leave you alone. ^

^When, on the walk home, you lecture your drunk friends on their bad decisions, knowing full well that you'll be making the same mistakes tomorrow night.^

^ When you're dancing in a tube top, and it shimmies down your torso.^

^When you lose a shoe but find a stolen frat object.^

So, contrary to popular belief, the naked mural people of Clark are not engaged in scholarly debate or pondering on life's big questions. They are, in fact, just SLOSHED.