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Having a staycation?



University of Virginia


Having a staycation?

Survival guide for staying home this spring break

Amanda Vollaro


Instead of flying down to Puerto Vallarta with all of your friends, you're stuck at home listening to your dad drone about summer internships.

Staying in the same town that you grew up with while none of your friends are there seems like a drag, but there are plenty of things to do that will make your time at home worthwhile.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Take advantage of spending time with your family. While at school, it is sometimes hard to make time to call home, and your parents would definitely appreciate some quality down time together. Swing by the movie theater, grab some popcorn and go see Black Panther for a low-key night out.

2. Touring around your own town can lead to some adventurous times. Grab your siblings and venture past your comfort zone and visit a new restaurant in your town that you've never gone to, or go to a favorite restaurant and eat something that's not your go-to order (because we're all guilty of ordering the same thing every time from our favorite place).

3. Take time to appreciate the outdoors. Make a great playlist, gather up your pet, and go on a hike to a nearby spot that isn't Humpback Mountain. While you're there, enjoy the great place that you grew up in. Don't forget to visit a museum or a historical landmark without having to drive more than 15 minutes! You could find out that your town hosted a battle during a war (especially if you're from VA). And if you're not, you might find out that Martha Washington used to churn butter a few streets down from you, like I did.

4. Most of all, catch up on some sleep. Coming off your first round of exams, Spring Break can be the perfect time to get some rest. Accompany your parents on the couch, grab a blanket and get some much needed R&R. Maybe even pick up a book that isn't a textbook for Economics or Chemistry!

After completing all of this, you'll finally be ready to get back to the lifestyle you're used to in Cville.