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Beach Week: DO's and DONT's



University of Virginia


Beach Week: DO's and DONT's

A survival guide for you first-timers, a quick refresher for you returners!!

Katie Mansoor


First thing’s first—some background info. Every year, on the day following the final day of exams, masses of UVA students flock down to Myrtle Beach (Dirty Myrtle) for a concerning but well-deserved amount of post-exam festivities. Most people only stay 4 nights, but those 96-ish hours of freedom can give way to either lots of fun, lots of regrets, or a little bit of both! Here are some tips for making it count!

DO: purchase a jug (as pictured below)
-This kind of receptacle is going to be your best bet for transportation of ~refreshments~ during the daytime. Usually they’re pretty big, so one jug can be shared between two or three people.

DON’T: violate the open container law
-Even if you’re 21, the open container law still applies in all public areas (including the beach!) Don’t carry around cans, bottles, or cups. A huge portion of arrests that happen during beach week happen because someone makes this mistake.

DO: bring some groceries
-Whether you buy them at home or once you’re in Myrtle, you’ll be glad you did. Trying to sustain yourself on nothing but alcohol for five whole days might sound like a good idea for a hot second, but many have tried and few have succeeded.

DON’T: try getting too fancy with said groceries
-I promise that when you stumble back into your hotel room at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, the last thing you’re going to want to do is cook anything with more than five ingredients. This will, after all, take away from precious moments that could be spent power-napping in preparation for the night ahead!

DO: try to hit Spanish Galleon Nightclub (SpeeGee!!!)
-SpeeGee (pronounced Spee-Jee) is connected to Ocean Drive Resort (which might be where you’re staying if you’re a first year) and is a very short walk from Avista Resort (where the rest of us are probably staying). It has everything a UVA student could possibly want—crowds, Trin3- esque music, strobe lights, and CAGES. Yes, cages!

DON’T: forget to bring $10 in cash for SpeeGee coverage charge
-Just in case beach week hasn’t quite made enough of a dent in your bank account, SpeeGee charges $10 in cash at the door. So, if you plan to go to SpeeGee every night of beach week, it would probably be smart to swing by an ATM at some point.

Aaaaaand for bonus points:
DO: call/text your mom on Mother’s Day (Sunday May 13th)
-For decades, mothers of UVA students have spent Mother’s Day not only childless but actively worrying about the well-being of their absent children. Could my son be passed out in the tall grasses of a sand dune? Is my daughter in beach jail? If at all possible, try to reach a point of sobriety some time that day, just for long enough to access a phone and contact that wonderful woman who gave you life.