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How to do long distance

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University of Virginia


How to do long distance

Summer is approaching, and you are leaving your significant other

Amanda Vollaro


Sooooo.. it's about that time. The most dreaded time for any college couple that does not live within an hour of each other. It can feel like you are leaving for a lifetime, like your significant other is going off to war and you do not know when they will return. If you're anything like me, my s/o lives about 5 hours away at home, but 5 minutes away on grounds. This will be our second summer apart, and we kind of made a mess of things last summer, so here is everything I am trying this time around to make the time apart bearable.

  1. Make definitive plans.
This is key. Whether those plans are to see each other in person or to FaceTime, it is a necessity to make plans and stick to them. This gives you both something to look forward to in the near future.

2. Keep constant communication.
It will help you keep up with their lives and the new things that have been going on.

3. Do not do anything that would make your significant other uncomfortable.
If you might be putting yourself in a bad situation that you wouldn't want your partner to be in, don't do it! Even though you're positive nothing will happen, you will make them worry unnecessarily.

4. Trust your partner.
Without this, unnecessary fighting will occur and it will be a real detriment to your relationship.

5. Tell them why you feel the way you do about them regularly.
This will help from your partner guessing if you've lost feelings for them from the time you've been apart.

6. Do the same things!
Whether that is reading the same book or going to see the same movie, it will help keep you connected even though you're miles apart.

With these tips in mind, you're guaranteed to keep your romance lasting until you're reunited in the fall.